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Dxred Episerver partner in India

Looking for Episerver support for existing website?

We have team of dedicated Episerver engineers to support on your exiting websites with immediate availability.

If you are interested to setup your own dedicated support center for your existing websites to manage in Episerver, we have business proposal ready for you.

Episerver Support & Maintainance

If you already using Episerver platform or you supporting your existing customer's website in Episerver platform, we are providing Episerver support and maintenance service to offer below.
  • Bug fixing &¬†Enhancement
  • CI/CD Automation using TeamCity, Octopus, VSTS, TFS, Git etc.
  • Episerver Audit and code review
  • Dedicated Episerver support team & managed services team
  • Episerver Migration and upgrade support to latest version
  • Free Episerver upgrade/migration analysis and auditing

Episerver support experience

Below are key benefits to utilize our Episerver support services.

  • Experience having across the version in Episerver 4.61, 4.62, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10 and DXC
  • Supported more than 35+ projects across the versions including bug fixing, enhancement and deployments
  • Dedicated Episerver managed services team to support your request within agreed SLA
  • Continuous optimization and possible improvement in code quality