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Planning Optimizely migration?

If you are planning to move from any existing platform to Optimizely platform, we can assist you with 100% migration of your content, media and SEO positions without loosing your current visitor traffic.

Optimizely Migration

No matter what is your current platform, we can assist you to move on Optimizely platform with 100% content migration including pages, text, media, documents and SEO links and ranking to maintain your visitor traffic.
It's lots to consider and planning when you switch your platform for your online presence like;
  • Relevant sitemap and user journey
  • Redirect your existing visitor into new sitemap pages without any broken links
  • SEO metadata and ranking positions
  • Google tagging and analytics
  • Moving your content, products, images, videos, documents etc.
  • New branding and wire-framing for better user experience
  • Adoptive user experience across the screens and devices

Migration process we follow

We follow below process to ensure smooth migration into Optimizely platform.

  • Discovery and in depth discussion with business users for expected improvement
  • In depth analysis of your current platform, auditing and preparing content strategy to be follow
  • Optimizing user experience with easy navigation and rebranding if required for adoptive website compatible across screens
  • Identifying content gap based on existing content and new wire frames
  • Modular component based integration into Optimizely platform as per best coding practice and standard to meet optimum performance and flexibility
  • Test driven development approach to meet desired outputs
  • Post production continuous improvement, support and maintenance