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Optimizely Find - For Developers

Optimizely Find developer course is useful .Net MVC web developers and architects who are either new to Optimizely platform or having basic knowledge of other content management or commerce system.

This session is mostly practical lab session where all candidates will learn how to install, configure and integrate Optimizely Find API into Optimizely CMS, commerce or into third party web app as enterprise search add-on.

This also include understanding of Find dashboard and learn statistics to improve and optimize search result to maximize customer conversion rate.

Training will be conducted using latest version of Optimizely Find.

Course Content

Below will be the high level course content to be covered during 1 day of training.

  • Overview and architecture of Episerver Find
  • Installing and configuration of Find API using nuget
  • .Net Class libraries and Client API
  • Searching, listing and pagination using Episerver Find
  • Strongly typed content result
  • Understand search statistics to improve search results/hits
  • Client side searching (with auto complete keyword suggestion)
  • Custom Indexing
  • Tracking with synonyms, best bets and related queries
Our Approach

Candidates will get hands-on on installing, configuring and integrating Optimizely Find on sample site with searching and optimizing search result. This will also include how can you use custom indexing to add your external content into Optimizely Find Index.

Who can join?

Optimizely Find developer course is suitable for all Asp.Net MVC web developers with basic knowledge of web app development using C#. Other CMS developers like Umbraco, Sitecore etc. can also join to be famalier with Optimizely Find Integration.

System requirement

Below is system requirement for Episerver developer training.

  • Windows 10 OS
  • Visual Studio 2017/2015
  • SQL Server 2016/2014
  • MVC 5.2.3
  • IIS Web Server
  • Local administrator rights

For more detailed day wise agenda or customized course, contact us at or call us at +91 9870462838