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Sitecore Analytics Course

Sitecore marketer course is for developers and content authors, editors and marketers who update and prompt the content or products on the website to increase sales conversion.

Training will be conducted using Sitecore version 9.

Course Content

Below will be the high level course content to be covered during 3 days of training.

  • Module 1: Defining Sitecore & installation
    • Define Sitecore as Experience Management platform
    • Define Sitecore 8.2 and 9 Scaled Architecture.
    • Sitecore 9 Topologies and Installation of XP1
  • Module 2: Touch base Sitecore basic features
    • Sitecore Content Editor
    • Sitecore experience editor
    • Sitecore templates, rendering, Insert options, Layouts, data Source, field versioning
    • Explain some of the best practice around Sitecore implementation that help in analytics data capture and Personalization.
  • Module 3: Defining various Sitecore Advance Features
    • Sitecore Experience Analytics
    • Sitecore Marketing Control Panel- Taxonomy
    • Sitecore Experience Profile
    • Sitecore A/B testing (Experience Optimization)
    • Sitecore Personalization
    • Sitecore Goals
    • Sitecore Profile, Pattern, Personas usages
    • Lab: Hand on exercise to exploring all above Sitecore features
  • Module 4: Create Sitecore Analytics custom reports
    • Explain How Analytics Data Captured in MongoDB
    • Sitecore Analytics Data Aggregation Methods
    • How to Utilize Profile and Pattern card to aggregate analytics data
    • Understand Sitecore analytics Dimensions
    • Understand Sitecore analytics Segments
    • Setup Visual studio solution and Sitecore Rocks to create custom reports
    • Create custom reports/Views using custom segments.
    • How to deploy this changes to scaled environment.
    • Lab: Hand on exercise to create custom reports in Sitecore Analytics Dashboard
  • Module 5: Custom Personalization Rules
    • Understand how to create new custom personalization rules.
    • How to utilize custom rules on Sitecore pages.
    • Explain some use cases around Personalization.
    • Lab: Hand on exercise to create one custom personalization rule and applied on the page.
  • Module 6: Sitecore Experience Profile Dashboard Customization
    • What is the need to customize Sitecore Experience Profile Dashboard?
    • What is custom marketing facets?
    • Create custom class to add additional fields to experience Profile dashboard.
    • How to deploy this changes to scaled environment.
    • Lab: Hand on exercise to create custom facets and add this to experience profile dashboard.
  • Module 7: Sitecore 9 XConnect Service
    • What is changed from Sitecore 8.2 to 9 in terms on Sitecore Analytics (XDB)
    • How to insert external analytics data to Sitecore XDB using Xconnect Service
    • How to get XDB data from XConnect and use in other tools like PowerBI to get more custom reports.
    • Lab: hand on exercise on XConnect Service.
Who can join?

Sitecore analytics course is suitable for developers and content editors, authors and marketers who update content and products regular on the website for promotions to increase sales conversions.

  • All participants must have 2+ years of ASP.Net/MVC hands on Experience.
  • All participants must have 2+ years knowledge on Sitecore basics features.
Lab setup guide
  • Must have Sitecore 9 installed on their local system.

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