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Sitecore - Experience Solution Developer Course

Sitecore developer course is for microsoft .Net MVC web developers and architects who are either new to Sitecore platform or having basic knowledge of other content management system.

This session is mostly practical lab session where all candidates will learn how to install, configure and implement front-end template into Sitecore using standard modular based approach using different features and functions of Sitecore.

Training will be conducted using Sitecore version 9.

Course Content

Below will be the high level course content to be covered during 5 days of training.

  • Module 1: Defining Sitecore & installation
  • Module 2: Building the Site's Data Infrastructure
  • Module 3: Creating Site Content Structure
  • Module 4: Creating and Applying Presentation Components
  • Module 5: Increase Components re-usability
  • Module 6: Setting up a Multi site Project & Code implementation
  • Module 7: Creating Structure using Sitecore Rocks
  • Module 8: Working with Complex field types and Item Sorting
  • Module 9: Sitecore Forms
  • Module 10: Working with Personalization & Analytics Tracking
  • Module 11: Exploring Security & Workflow
  • Module 12: Sitecore Search Framework (Solr)
  • Module 13: Sitecore Habitat (helix Based) Framework
  • Module 14: Sitecore SXA Framework
  • Module 15: Sitecore XConnect Service (XDB)
  • Module 16: Sitecore JSS Framework (Headless)
Our Approach

Training will be mostly coding oriented practical hands-on session, where trainer will come up with static responsive website template and all candidate will integrate that static template into Sitecore and make it fully dynamic including header, footer, navigation, listing, searching etc. based modular integration approach.

Who can join?

Sitecore developer course is suitable for all Asp.Net MVC web developers with basic knowledge of web app development using C#, HTML and CSS. Other CMS developers like Umbraco, Episerver etc. can also join to be familiar with Sitecore Integration.

Lab setup guide

Below is system requirement for Sitecore developer training.

  • Windows 10 OS
  • Visual Studio 2017/2015
  • SQL Server 2016/2014
  • MVC 5.2.3
  • IIS Web Server
  • Local administrator rights

For more detailed day wise agenda or customized course, contact us at or call us at +91 9870462838