Optimizely CMS Integration with Hot Chocolate - ChilliCream GraphQL Platform

GraphQL plays a crucial role in headless architecture due to its flexibility, efficiency, and suitability for distributed systems.

Optimizely Graph

As we know, Optimizely Graph offering SaaS offering to work with Optimizely CMS where customer can implement pure headless decoupled and composable architecture more better way than traditional Content Api based approach to fetch content.

Using Optimizely Graph, you can query any content they way you want with Graph from your frontend middleware to fetch and render content from Optimizely CMS.

So, I highly recommend to utilize Optimizely Graph service as first preference  for your headless architecture without worried about implementing custom GraphQL or Api based architecture.

But what happen in below cases where Optimizely CMS customer have;

  •  Optimizely CMS On-premises solution hosted in own kingdom and can’t store or push content outside of kingdom in any hosted SaaS platform, considering organization protocol they can’t be able to use Optimizely Search & Navigation nor Optimizely Graph.
  •  Frontend architecture and team need specific content as per their own GraphQL query format and need specific custom graph response
  •  Need more control on graph query, schema and response.
  •  Want to restrict access to specific content type or graph query to specific roles and users.


Optimizely CMS can still ideal solution for your need where you can integrate open-source GraphQL Server like Hot Chocolate - ChilliCream GraphQL Platform and you can achieve all your above requirement by integrating HotChocolate Graph Server into your Optimizely CMS.

Register for Optimizely local dev meetup which helps to integrate open-source HotChocolate GraphQL Server in your Optimizely CMS solution and can provider better custom control on Graph QL query and response for your headless architecture.

In this session, we will take Alloy CMS 12 as base and integrate Hot Chocolate Open Source Graph QL Server and will write our custom Graph QL query, schema and response. We will also see how to use Banana Cake Pop for HotChocolate ChilliCream GraphQL Platform.

Register for Optimizely local dev meetup India at 18th April, 2024 06:30 PM IST.

Register: https://lnkd.in/dwKweVRS

Speakers: Yagnik Jadav (OMVP)

If you missed this webinar, refer recording below.