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Work with our Optimizely MVP & Certified Developers who can implement and deliver to next generation digital experience for your business.

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Optimizely Solution Partner

Dxred, Optimizely Bronze Solution Partner for year 2023

Optimizely MVP Yagnikkumar Jadav

Yagnik Jadav at Dxred nominated as Optimizely MVP in 2022

Optimizely Certified Developers

Dxred, having Optimizely Certified Developers

Optimizely, what we do and we do it perfectly.

Please take a look at the range of Optimizely services we offer to your brand digital experience as a full-service leading digital agency.

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Optimizely DXP

Our Optimizely DXP Implementation services include integration of Content Management System, Customized Commerce, Configured Commerce, Web & Feature Experimentation etc.

Optimizely CMS

We are excel in integration with CMS, our team of certified developers and expert can help you to build robust integration with best development standards to manage entire content life-cycle.

Optimizely Commerce

Optimizely Commerce is designed to help businesses create engaging and personalized e-commerce experiences that drive customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth.

Optimizely Experimentation

Allows businesses to test and optimize their digital experiences that enable businesses to test different versions of their content and other digital experiences in real-time.

Optimizely Consultancy

We provides businesses with access to a team of Optimizely consultants who have expertise in various areas of digital experience technology including strategy, planning & implementation.

Optimizely Managed Services

We offer a team of experts who can manage various aspects of your Optimizely DXP including support & maintenance, enhancement, upgrade, deployments, content strategy etc.

Hire Optimizely Developers

Hire our experienced Optimizely Developers who are ready to onboard immediately. Overall, a cost-effective and efficient way with the necessary skills and experience to work on projects.

Setup Optimizely ODC

Setup your dedicated Optimizely Development Center in India which will be monitored by OMVP to make sure team is up to date with Optimizely platform and skills.

Optimizely Developer Training

Optimizely Developer Training provider in India. We offer Optimizely classroom training to help your web developer to quickly onboard on platform to deliver immediate.

Tell us about your idea, and we’ll make it happen.

Have a project that needs implementation, technical consultancy or developers? We’d love to hear about it!
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We enable digital experience transformation at speed and scale with Optimizely.

Project success percentage rate
  • In depth knowledge of Optimizely DXP
  • 18+ years of dedicated experience of delivering using Optimizely
  • Implementing flexible and scable multisites project architecture
  • Following best coding standards and code review process
  • Marketers and editors friendly integration
  • Robust third party external integrations

We excel in our Optimizely capabilites so that you can get in yours.

We offer expertise across various Optimizely Digital Experience Platform features implementations. We have vast experience working in below as a Optimizely Solution Partner based in Mumbai, India.

We provide solutions for all types of big industries

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Four reasons why you should choose our service

We know your business already

The sad thing is the majority of people have no clue about what they truly want. They have no clarity.

Working with MVP & Certified

Our Optimizely experts can build and implement solution right way with best coding practice and architecture.

Building context – not just code

What steps are required to get you to the goals? Make the plan as detailed as possible.

We are responsive and flexible

This is perhaps the single biggest obstacle that all of us must overcome in order to be successful.

Optimizely Developer Training in India

We helped wed development company and agencies to build their in house Optimizely capabilities with our Optimizely Classroom Trainings.

Optimizely Training & Academy

For those of you who are serious about making their career in digital experience platform, doing more, giving more and being more, success is achievable with Optimizely Development. - Yagnik Jadav, Optimizely Corporate Trainer
Optimizely Developer Training

Optimizely Academy

You'll able to get practical hands-on with Optimizely development.

  • 01 Working with Optimizely DXP
  • 02 Content Management System
  • 03 Configured Commerce
  • 04 Web & Feature Experiementation
  • 05 Search & Navigation
  • 06 Architecting Optimizely Solutions
  • 07 Best coding practices and development standards

Optimizely updates and blog posts

Check out our latest Optimizely blog posts, articles, client success stories and essential announcement.

Introducing Optimizely SaaS Core CMS

Introducing Optimizely SaaS Core CMS, fully composable with below key capabilities. - Version-less & auto upgrades, no dependencies to back-end code, upgrades and deployment. - Built-in Optimizely GraphQL, helps you query, search and deliver digital experience across channels. Register for Optimizely local dev meetup India at 9th Nov, 2023 06:30 PM IST.

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