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Fifteen years of experience helped us to create a digital experience strategy that guarantees high productivity for your business.


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Work with our experience developers and architects who implement and deliver to next generation digital experience.

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Optimizely Solution Partner

Dxred, Optimizely Bronze Solution Partner for year 2023

Optimizely MVP Yagnikkumar Jadav

Yagnik Jadav at Dxred nominated as Optimizely MVP in 2022

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Dxred, having Optimizely Certified Developers

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Digital experience services that help you grow.

We take pride in helping our clients deliver marvelous results when it comes to their digital experience. From content, commerce, campaigns and experiments, we’ve got you covered. Expertise in most popular platforms for small business to enterprises.

Digital Experience Platform


Optimizely is a digital experience platform, your customers will love:

  • Orchestrate - Content Management System, Content Marketing Platform, Content Recommandations, Digital Asset Managment
  • Experiment - Feature & Web Experimentation, Advance Personalization, Program Management
  • Monetize - Customized & Configured Commerce, Product Recommandations, Product Information Managment

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Optimizely capabilities

Our Optimizely Offering

  • 01 Optimizely Implementation
  • 02 Optimizely Project Consultancy
  • 03 Hire Optimizely Developers
  • 04 Optimizely Training & Academy
  • 05 Setup your Optimizely ODC in India
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20+ Trainings

Optimizely classroom trainings provider for developers in India

Optimizely Developer Training
Content Management System

IUmbraco Content Management Umbraco

Umbraco offers several products and services to support your digital presence:

  • Umbraco CMS - Content management system for creating and managing websites and digital content.
  • Umbraco Cloud - a cloud-based hosting platform that includes automatic updates and enhanced security features.
  • Umbraco Heartcore - a headless platform that allows developers to build API-driven architectures for any type of digital experience.
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Connect the experience

Sitecore Sitecore

Digital experience platform and content hub for Digital Transformation

  • Create, Collabrate and Centralize using Content Management, Content Opertions & Digital Asset Management
  • Understand, Engage and Optimize using Marketing Automation, Content Personalization & Customer Data Management
  • Cloud Platform - Content Cloud, Engagement Cloud & Commerce Cloud
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Years of experience

Our Services

The following outlines our service offering in digital marketplace:

  • 01 Website Development
  • 02 E-Commerce Solutions
  • 03 Branding & UI/UX
  • 04 Digital Markring
  • 05 Automation Testing
  • 06 Hire Dedicated Developers
  • 07 Developer Training & Academy

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Introducing Optimizely SaaS Core CMS

Introducing Optimizely SaaS Core CMS, fully composable with below key capabilities. - Version-less & auto upgrades, no dependencies to back-end code, upgrades and deployment. - Built-in Optimizely GraphQL, helps you query, search and deliver digital experience across channels. Register for Optimizely local dev meetup India at 9th Nov, 2023 06:30 PM IST.

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