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Dxred, Optimizely Bronze Solution Partner for year 2023

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Yagnik Jadav at Dxred nominated as Optimizely MVP in 2022

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Dxred, having Optimizely Certified Developers

Optimizely training courses for developers & marketers

Below are our classroom training courses who are new to Optimizley DXP platform

Optimizely CMS

Optimizely CMS Development fundamentals course help web developers to integrate templates and business features.

    • Content types & templates
    • Assets & Media handling
    • Reuse shared content
    • Extending CMS
    • Deployment strategy
    • Architecturing & best coding practice
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Optimizely Commerce

Helps web developers to implement different core and advance components of customized commerce solution.

    • Catalog structure & modeling
    • Shipment, tax and payment providers
    • Marketing & promotion engine
    • Inventories and pricing
    • Customize & overrides services
    • Architecture & best coding practices
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Optimizely Search (Find)

Helps web developers to build advance search functionalities in web and commerce websites with facets and filters.

    • Overview of Search & Navigation (Find)
    • Content Indexing
    • Quering and retriving content
    • Working with facets and filters
    • Best bets, synonyms & keywords ranking
    • Architecture & best coding practices
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Optimizely Developer Training in India

We helped wed development company and agencies to build their in house Optimizely capabilities with our Optimizely Classroom Trainings.


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